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  • Loudspeaker Design Speaker for Smartphones

    Loudspeaker Design Speaker for Smartphones

    Loudspeaker x Non-electricalSpeaker NMP-001PA powerless speaker for smartphones developed by a Japanese factory with 78 years of experience in loudspeakers.It is not only in the shape of a loudspeaker, but the sound amplification mechanism is also made by utilizing the loudspeaker as it is.You can enjoy the unique and somewhat nostalgic sound of loudspeakers that you may have heard at school grounds, beaches, slopes, etc.The latest digitally controlled loudspeakers are designed to produce a stable sound with no graphical oscillation. In other words, it is generally impossible to find a loudspeaker that is designed to sound like a loudspeaker, and the opportunity to experience this gentle sound in your daily life is a rare experience.The NMP-001P was developed in pursuit of a loudspeaker-like sound.Its performance, which cannot be said to be superior when simply compared to ordinary speakers, is what makes the NMP-001P unique and supreme.Product InformationBody size: Aperture 160mm±2mm, Depth 178mm±2mm, Height 165mm±2mmWeight: 475g±10Material: Horn / AluminumCase/Aluminum castingBracket/steel plateCompatible smart fan size: width 78 mm or less, thickness 15 mm or less (please check the width and thickness when wearing the smart phone case)Hole size for charging cord: 13mm in diameterCountry of origin: Japan


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