About Us

NipponGo is an online marketplace that aims to create new value and culture by strengthening the connection between Japan and the world.

Our mission is to bridge Japanese manufacturers and brands with Japan enthusiasts and retailers worldwide.

  • Unlock the World of Japanese Products

    Unlock the World of Japanese Products

    We can source any Japanese product you desire! Whether it's a unique item or a popular staple, simply request it and we will procure it for you, including samples.

  • No Amazon

    No Amazon

    An Extensive Selection Beyond Major E-commerce Platforms: We offer a wide range of products across various categories such as Japanese snacks, beverages, fruits, apparel, anime merchandise, traditional crafts, Japanese design, and more.

  • Effortless Business Transactions

    Effortless Business Transactions

    NipponGo provides seamless business transactions by eliminating the complexities of negotiations and excessive fees. You can easily place orders for multiple brands in a streamlined process.

"Connecting Japan's Design and Products to the World"

NipponGo is dedicated to building a differentiated online store by proposing and offering Japanese products to consumers worldwide and local shops. We support the expansion of store product lineups and differentiation from major online stores and retail chains. Additionally, we provide assistance in the global expansion and Asian market entry of products from around the world. NipponGo is committed to supporting the growth of shop owners worldwide through the power of global community and technology.

"Empowering Global Collaboration in Japan's Emerging Marketplace"

Our company is a recent startup established in 2021 with a mission to create a marketplace that connects the world with Japan.

Until now, it has been incredibly challenging for Japanese products to gain exposure and be sold globally, and likewise, expanding global products into Japan and Asia has been a formidable task. This is largely due to the competition from industry giants like Amazon, where small and medium-sized enterprises struggle to compete. Our mission is to unleash the next best-sellers through NipponGo and provide support that makes independent retailers and online stores worldwide irresistibly attractive through the collaboration between Japan and the world.


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