Shipping info

Our site mainly offers two types of shipping methods:

1. Cases where we have already purchased directly from Japanese manufacturers and have stock in the United States, and can ship immediately to customers.

2. Cases where, after your order, it is imported directly from Japan to customers.

For case 1, if we have stock in the country, we will ship within three business days after receiving the shipping request, if there are no impacts from disasters, etc.

For case 2, in cases where products are shipped internationally from Japan, such as direct shipment products from Japan or Japan-limited products, shipping is done after the final stock confirmation from the manufacturer and due to trade procedures, it takes a little time, so we will contact you as appropriate. It takes about 7 to 20 days.

Product shipping source: Maddler Inc. International Logistics Center

For the United States: It will be shipped from 21221 S. Western Ave., Suite 215 Torrance, CA 90501.

As a rule, the shipping fee is a flat rate and no additional shipping charges will apply. If there are additional charges, they will be separately noted on the product page.


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